Trip Liaisons

Please come visit us on Deck 5 at the reception desk! The Field Office is open:
A Days 1230 – 1800
B Days 1300 – 1800
(The Field Office is closed in port.)

All Trip Liaisons must attend the following events:

Pre-Trip Meetings

All Trip Liaisons have a required meeting the night before Logistical Pre-Port. This is a space to get the latest information about your program including manifests, detailed itineraries, medical kits and your TL Folder. Dates for each meeting are below, all meetings are from 2000-2030, in Lido Terrace.

Penang: Pre-trip meeting will be held after TL Training on A2
Cochin: B5
Mombasa: A9
Mauritius: A12
Cape Town: A15
Tema/Takoradi: A18
Tangier: B22
Oporto: B23

Additionally, if you are traveling on an overnight program (as a TL or participant), you will meet with your groups in the 30 min immediately following Logistical Pre-Port.

Just return from a program? Don’t forget you need to:

  1. Return your TL folder and First Aid Kit ASAP!
  2. Submit any Incident Report (click Incident Report to left) – If you noticed anything that concerned you or if any sort of incident occurred, please take a few moments to complete an incident form.
  3. Complete your TL Evaluation (click TL Evaluation to left) (Field Class Faculty – Complete your Field Class Evaluation!)


  • The Trip Liaison Guidebook (click TL Guidebook to left) and TL Reflection Guide can also be found in NextCloud -> Field Office -> Trip Liaisons
    • Sample Meeting Agenda – See Appendix A (pg 13 – 14) in Trip Liaison Guidebook
    • Talking Points – See Appendix A (pg 13 – 14) in Trip Liaison Guidebook

Current TL Openings:

  • DAY 3: CAP 101-301 Cape Malay Cooking Workshop

Interested? Come to the field office to let us know. First come, first served!

**If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please email the Field Office at