Physical & Mental Health

Medical Clinic


At Sea: 09:00-10:00 and 16:30-17:30

In Port: 0730 – 0800 and 2000-2030

Post Port: Begins 1 hour before on-ship time for 1 hour

For after hour medical emergencies, visit the Reception desk (Deck 5) and they will page a member of medical team. The Medical Clinic is located on Deck 3, forward in cabin 3405.

Meclizine tablets are available for free at the Reception desk (Deck 5) and outside the medical clinic on deck 3. To avoid sea sickness, take one tablet twice per day.

Medication Donation / Disposal

If you have any medications (over the counter or prescription) that you do not plan to bring home with you, please bring them to the medical clinic and place them in the box in the hallway by the chairs. Medications that can be used by another will be donated for future voyages; the rest will be disposed properly by the crew medical team.

Counseling Center

The counseling service offers solution-focused mental health support and mental health crisis intervention.

Counseling Appointments:
Counseling services are available to all voyagers. To schedule an appointment please email and a counselor will respond to you. Services are confidential. Feel free to send any questions you have to the email above.

Mental Health Emergencies at Sea:

In the event of a mental health emergency, voyagers can call the Reception Desk at 5404 from their cabins, visit the Reception Desk on Deck 5 or speak with their RD, and the counselor-on-call will be notified.

COVID-19 Information

Please use the link below to access the latest guidance regarding COVID-19 protocols.

COVID 19 Fall 2022 Information